Auto Lock Bottom Boxes

Also known as tuck-top auto-lock bottom boxes, these boxes come with their easy-to-assemble
feature and they get delivered to you with locked bottom panels. As soon as you receive the
box, squeeze it slightly and it attains the ready-to-use form. Customization options are
numerous, you can choose premium card stocks and paper. Additional features like printing,
lamination, and die-cut windows can be added.

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PRODUCT DETAILS offers a huge selection of product packaging solutions for businesses ranging from large-scale to small start-ups. We are well-versed in designing and providing packaging products using precise printing methods.

We have wholesale pricing available with low minimums. We offer the most competitive prices and free graphic design services with quick turnaround times. We also offer free shipping within the continental United States.
Some of the products in our food categories are:

• Custom boxes styles
• Steak boxes
• Waffle boxes
• Clinics
• Cream

Our products are 100% eco-friendly and use environmentally friendly printing inks. All products are made in the USA.