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Cream Boxes

Get cream boxes for any type of cosmetic packaging and cream bottles or jars in short-run orders and wholesale prices. Customize info in any size and style. Custom cream boxes for cosmetics are a primary method to pack various kinds of creams available. Available in various sizes and shapes, these boxes not only give a beautiful and attractive look to your product but also secure it from factors like heat, etc. A cream is considered to be the most essential and basic item among makeup items. It is available in various shades and gives your skin an even tone. It is mainly a feminine product and women are very curious about skin products.

A properly designed cosmetic cream box is of great help in this regard since all the relevant information about ingredients; usage etc is displayed on it. If designed properly, these could be a great way to attract customer attention. Besides the custom sizes used for developing this type of cosmetic packaging, cream boxes offer a multitude of amazing selling points such as their easily folded structure.

Cosmetic cream containers are of great importance when we talk about creating a positive impression of a product on the customer’s mind. Creams are an important element of makeup and are available in the cosmetic racks of retail stores in various shapes and forms. The most frequently used type is semi-liquid form, available in a tube or cylindrical shape along with a dispenser. Powder-based creams are also available. If chosen wisely, a cream can do wonders for your skin. A large variety of cosmetic brands is available nowadays with a diverse range of cream products.

This box is totally customized and lets your artwork display stunningly for any product size. It is printed with full-color designs and other graphic elements like your company logo to make your product look crisp and attractive. To find the best design for your cream products, it is sensible that you try out different colors and options until you find the look that you want to achieve for your cosmetic packaging. In such a situation, it is extremely difficult for a customer to choose the right one according to his/her need. Custom-designed cosmetic cream containers are of great help in this regard since they provide all the useful information to your customer in an effective way.

  • Cosmetics
  • Makeup
  • Dye
  • Ointment
  • Face Cream

Size Custom
Material High quality paper stock
Quantity 250 (Min. Order)

Customized logo

Design customization

Customized packaging

Paper Type Coated paper, SBS, Greyboard, White paperboard
Feature Recycles, Recyclable, Eco-friendly
Finish Embossing, Glossy Lamination, Matt Lamination, Stamping