The capital of the state and largest city are collectively referred to as the City of Oklahoma. Oklahoma City ranks as the 20th largest city in the US on a national level. It extends into three counties since it is so large. The Oklahoma National Stockyard is home to the largest cattle market in the world. In 2023 Oklahoma City metro area will have 1,018,000 residents up 0.99% from 2022. 1,008,000 people called the Oklahoma City metro area home in 202, a rise of 1% from 2021. In 2021 the metro area of Oklahoma City had a population of 998,000 up 0.91% from the previous year. The second largest city in Oklahoma Tulsa ranks as the 47th most populous city in the US on a national level. Tulsa metro region had 783,000 residents in 2022 up 1.16% from 2021. It serves as the main municipality for the 1,023,988-person Tulsa Metropolitan Area. The county seat of Tulsa County, the most populous county of Oklahoma is located in the city. Cleveland County of Oklahoma is home to the city of Norman. It serves as the county seat of Cleveland County as well. It is the third largest city in Oklahoma and the 223rd largest city in the United States with a 2023 population of 133,156. The population of Norman has expanded by 4.01% from the most recent census which showed a population of 128,026 in 2020. Currently, Norman is expanding at a pace of 1.30% yearly. Norman has a population density of 745 persons per square mile and a total length of about 189 miles.

Oklahoma is the 20th largest state in the union found in the South Central part of the nation. Even though Oklahoma farms are a little bit bigger than the national average and are worth less per acre. For ages, the primary source of income of the state has been the agricultural industry. Oklahoma is the 27th most productive state in terms of agriculture in the United States. Oklahoma provides more than 2.2% of the dairy products in America. Additionally, the state contributes 5.5% of American beef and 4.2% of American hog products. Swine and poultry are the second and third largest agricultural sectors of Oklahoma respectively. Even though less than 20% of the land is covered in trees and the state has a sizable forestry industry. In Oklahoma geothermal energy and wind power were introduced in the late 20th and early 21st centuries which may have reduced the need for fossil fuels. In this state, there are 4 electric power plants owned by Oklahoma Gas and Electric Company. Two of these plants use coal as fuel while the other two use gas. In terms of the value of the minerals produced, Oklahoma is among the top states in the US. The largest iodine producer in the nation in Oklahoma. The main drivers of this state’s economy have been the production of gas and oil. Oklahoma is the fifth-largest producer of crude oil and the third-largest producer of natural gas in the nation. The second most active drilling rigs are located in Oklahoma which also has the fifth-largest crude oil reserve in the country. The Oklahoma oil and energy industry generates more than $35 billion for the economy of the state and its workers take home more than twice the average annual salary. Oklahoma is a major producer of industrial machinery, communications and electronics equipment, and transportation equipment. Oklahoma is home to a sophisticated network of roads, highways, and railroads. The two largest transportation hubs are Oklahoma City and Tulsa. A barge system in Oklahoma uses the locks and dams on the River Arkansas to ferry cargo from Tulsa to the Mexican Gulf. offers a huge selection of product packaging solutions for businesses ranging from large-scale to small start-ups. We are well-versed in designing and providing packaging products using precise printing methods.

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