The largest city in New Mexico Albuquerque is situated in a high desert. In contrast to Old Town Albuquerque which dates back to the city’s inception as a Spanish colony in 1706, it has a modern Downtown core. The San Felipe de Neri Church’s five museums and stores selling Native American handicrafts are just a few of the old adobe buildings that can be seen in Old Town. The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center nearby chronicles the history of the local tribes. The Albuquerque metro area had 942,000 residents in 2022 a growth of 1.4% from 2021. Albuquerque metro region had 929,000 residents in 2021 a rise of 1.53% from the previous year. Albuquerque metro region had 915,000 residents in 2020 a rise of 1.67% from the previous year. The Sangre de Cristo foothills surround Santa Fe, the state capital of New Mexico. It is well known for both its Pueblo-style architecture and for being a hub for the arts. In the Centre of this 1610 Spanish colonial creation lies the iconic Plaza. The Palace of the Governors, now home to the New Mexico History Museum, is one of the notable adobe monuments that may be seen from the winding lanes of the nearby historic neighborhood. Out of 501 cities in New Mexico Santa Fe has 86,935 residents making it the fourth most populous city in the state. The city of Roswell is located in southeast New Mexico. It is well known for being the location of a purported UFO crash in 1947. There are exhibit panels and a library at the International UFO Museum and Research Center. Both a vintage carousel and local animals can be seen in Spring River Park and Zoo. The Roswell Artist in Residence Program has exhibits of art at the Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art. Southwest-style art is the main focus of the Roswell Museum & Art Center. Population Out of 501 cities in New Mexico Roswell has 48,347 residents making it the fifth most populous city in the state.
Some of the largest industries of the state include energy, aerospace and defense, logistics and transportation, tourism, food, etc. Despite the reduction in workforce in the mining sector, the gas and oil sector of New Mexico still generates over $2 billion in annual revenue and taxes. Fuel and alternative energy sources are abundant in New Mexico. The San Juan Basin and Permian Basin include quantities of oil and natural gas. About 3% of the crude oil and 10% of the natural gas utilized in the US come from New Mexico. The northwest part of the state contains coal resources. New Mexico is the perfect location for solar energy because of its more than 320 days of sunshine each year. The top two animal products in New Mexico are cattle and dairy products. All year-long livestock grazes on the agricultural grounds. Although the state is mostly made up of dry ground, technological advancements in farming have made it possible to grow pinto beans, hay, chili peppers, onions, potatoes, sorghum, and pinon nuts. Water is supplied to irrigate crops in semi-arid areas by the irrigation projects at Tucumcari, Carlsbad, and Fort Sumner on the Pecos River. The basins of the Colorado and Rio Grande rivers are also essential for the agriculture sector. Albuquerque sawmills control the northern timber industry of New Mexico. Defense and aerospace projects can be tested simultaneously in constrained airspace thanks to New Mexico’s favorable topography and climate. Major industry participants including UP Aerospace and Virgin Galactic are based at the 18,000-acre Spaceport America. With extensive transportation and logistics networks, the state borders of New Mexico and the areas close to the US-Mexico border are expanding quickly. Transport infrastructure is necessary for manufacturers and military equipment to reach markets. A third of New Mexicans who are employed hold administrative support positions. Hewlett Packard, Lowe’s, Alliance Data Systems, Fidelity Investments, and The Gap are just a few of the corporations that have customer service centers throughout the state. About 29,500 people work for the federal government, the majority of whom are employed by the National Park Service, the Department of Immigration, and the Bureau of Land Management. offers a huge selection of product packaging solutions for businesses ranging from large-scale to small start-ups. We are well-versed in designing and providing packaging products using precise printing methods.

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