The capital of North Dakota is Bismarck. On beautifully planted grounds stands the majestic art Deco North Dakota State Capitol. The North Dakota Heritage Center & State Museum is close by and chronicles the natural and cultural history of the region. The late 19th century Former Governors Mansion has been restored. Grizzly bears and threatened Bengal tigers are kept in the Dakota Zoo along the Missouri River. Out of 397 cities in North Dakota Bismarck has the second-highest population at 73,321. A city in North Dakota is called Fargo. In a renovated former warehouse the Plains Art Museum displays local modern and Native American artwork. At the Fargo Air Museum, there are both contemporary and vintage aircraft on exhibit across two hangars. The neighboring Fargo dome is a venue for live performances, concerts, and college football games. Red pandas and gray wolves among other animals from frigid climates are housed in Red River Zoo. Fargo is the most populous city in North Dakota out of 397 cities with 124,979 residents. North Dakota’s Minot is a city best known for housing Minot Air Force Base. The Dakota Territory Air Museum features artifacts and aircraft that reflect the city’s rich aviation history. The Roosevelt Park Zoo located along the Souris River is home to numerous birds as well as bears and large cats. A wooden church and reconstructions of traditional dwellings are part of the Scandinavian Heritage Park which pays tribute to the area’s immigrant history. According to our forecasts of the most recent US Census estimates Minot North Dakota has a population of 50,624 as of right now.

Agriculture and fur trading were the first major industries. Although it continues to be one of the most important businesses in the state, just 10% of the population of the state is currently employed in agriculture. In terms of the value of the crops it produces North Dakota is rated ninth in the nation. When it comes to the total worth of the agricultural products it produces and sells it is placed eighteenth. The majority of crops are grown on huge farms which operate on an industrial scale. In North Dakota which has the third largest cropland area in the nation with 27.5 million acres, around 90% of the land is used for farming. Barley production in North Dakota is among the highest in the nation for diverse cereals. 36% of the overall production of the nation is produced by the state. Additionally, the state contributes 15% or so of the total wheat production of the nation. It leads the nation in the production of a variety of oilseeds including 94% of flax seeds, 92% canola, 62% of mustard seeds, 53% of sunflower seeds, and 18% safflower seeds produced in the nation. One of the main economic movers in North Dakota is the energy sector. The state generates shale gas and has enormous coal and oil reserves. It is the largest producer in the nation and has significant lignite coal deposits. The material is located in the western portion of North Dakota and it is used to produce around 90% of the electricity used in the state. Even though the state is one of the least visited in the country, tourism is very important to the state’s economy. Major tourism destinations are scarce in North Dakota. However, tourism is the third largest industry in the state and brings in roughly $3 billion annually to the economy of the state. The Maah Daah Hey Trail which is 144 miles long and features popular pursuits like fishing and hunting is one of the tourist attractions of the state. offers a huge selection of product packaging solutions for businesses ranging from large-scale to small start-ups. We are well-versed in designing and providing packaging products using precise printing methods.

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