Nevada is a state with a diverse economy, bustling cities, and popular tourist attractions.
Here are some bullet points highlighting key features of the state:

  • Popular cities: Las Vegas, Reno, Henderson, North Las Vegas
  • Tourist destinations: The Las Vegas Strip, Hoover Dam, Lake Tahoe, Red Rock Canyon, Valley of Fire State Park
  • Notable sectors: Gaming & entertainment, tourism & hospitality, mining, renewable energy, aerospace & defense
  • Airports: McCarran International Airport, Reno-Tahoe International Airport, Laughlin/Bullhead International Airport

Here are some federal and state govt. agencies and military bases:

  • Bureau of Land Management, Environmental Protection Agency, Federal Aviation Administration, Internal Revenue Service, Social Security Administration
  • Nevada Department of Transportation, Nevada Division of Tourism, Nevada Gaming Control Board, Nevada State Parks
  • Nellis Air Force Base, Creech Air Force Base, Hawthorne Army Depot

Universities and colleges in Nevada include the University of Nevada Las Vegas, The University of Nevada Reno, and Nevada State College.

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