Out of 182 of the major cities in the country, Cincinnati came in at number 21 overall. With a population of 309,317, Cincinnati is the third biggest city in Ohio and the 64th largest city in the US. It is also the largest metropolitan area and the 30th largest in the country overall. Cincinnati people enjoy a range of attractions including museums, professional sports teams, and a variety of eateries despite the common reputation of the city as a quiet Midwestern metropolis. Columbus is both the largest city and the state capital of Ohio. With a population of 906,528 people, Columbus is the biggest city in Ohio. The fourteenth largest city in the US is Columbus. Columbus is bursting with art, music, theater, museums, and culture. The expansive Ohio State University and a variety of enterprises also contribute to the vibrant and vivacious workforce of the city. Cleveland is the largest metropolitan area around Lake Erie expanding and being revitalized. Opportunities abound for experts in the IT and medical fields as well as for construction workers and electricians as long as development continues. With a population of 367,991, Cleveland ranks as the 54th largest city in the US and is the second largest city.

Ohio is ninth in employment and among the top five states for producing aerospace parts. The average salary for workers in the aerospace industry is 26,000 dollars higher than that of workers in other industrial industries. The state biotech sector is the fourth best in the nation and the best in the Midwest. The biotechnology sector’s overall economic impact, which includes the healthcare sector, is about 140 billion dollars or 15% of the economic output of the state. A total of 600 businesses have the authorization to produce drugs and medical equipment. Numerous people are employed in the healthcare sector which also considerably boosts the economy of Ohio. Ohio has one of the best educational systems in the nation. The medical colleges are sixth in terms of economic importance and have a direct or indirect effect on 400,000 people in addition to producing more than 37 billion. Of the state GSP, the agricultural sector contributes around $125 billion. Approximately one in seven Ohioans who are employed either directly or indirectly work in agriculture. Ohio produces the most Swiss cheese in the nation, the third most eggs, the sixth most soybeans, and the ninth most corn. Historically Ohio has been the steel hub of the nation. The state produces more than 14 million tons of steel annually which brings in roughly $7.2 billion. About 15% of the raw steel produced in the US is manufactured in Ohio. The state is home to over 70% of the workforce employed in electrometallurgical ferroalloy production. The iron and steel sector employs roughly 34,000 people in total. The biggest automakers in Ohio are General Motors, Ford, Honda, and Chrysler Daimler.

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